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Melissa is originally from NY where she grew up helping her Italian mother and grandmother in the kitchen. She went to pastry school in 2012, moved to San Diego where she worked in a variety of bakeries small and large making various types of breads, pastries, desserts, and cakes. She also specialized in GF, and allergy free baking. She’s lived on and off Maui since 2008. 

The Frosted Mermaid is currently a home-based cake and dessert studio with a Food Handlers Permit allowed to sell direct to consumer serving the beautiful island of Maui. Cakes are the centerpiece of any special event . Every cake is created to mark each milestone event in your life. All cakes, cupcakes and desserts are made with a focus on fresh, natural, gourmet, local (when available) ingredients. We limit the number of orders we take each week to focus on providing the best possible experience for your wedding, custom cake or dessert table. It's more than just a cake to us, it's an experience!

We look forward to working with you. We want to make your celebrations unforgettable! 

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